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Key Features of Pop-up Arena

Pop-up Arena is a self-supported VR enclosure that is ideal to be built inside existing entertainment centres or malls. It is designed to fit into any indoor space of ca. 8x14 m.

  • Innovative free-roam VR arena with an hourly throughput of up to 24 players.
  • Cutting-edge PC-streaming technology offers the most immersive experience enhanced with 4D effects.
  • A self-supported enclosure of 70 sq. m. that can be installed within a few days - no construction or electrical work needed. It fits into a standard shipping container.
  • Just one or two operators can operate the venue.
  • A proven and profitable franchise turnkey solution with an attractive payback in 9-18 months.

Our PC-quality Experiences



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gameplay duration



no. of people in one session

Meet the Dinosaurs

The contact with the DIVR Labs mining facility located somewhere in the underground tunnels was lost. No one knows what happened. A particular unit consisting of players was sent out to the location. Their task is to find the laboratory in the middle of the facility and restore contact.


Last Stand

In an alternate reality, the Earth has been taken over by hordes of ravenous zombies. London is one of the few last beacons of hope, shining amidst the chaos and pain. Experience indoor and outdoor combat as well as a fight while driving on a vehicle. Will you be able to save the city?


The Lost Lab

Are you ready for an epic flight with Pteranodons? Travel 80 million years back in our virtual reality arena and meet the dinosaurs. Learn different types, explore the jungle and collect data for a scientific research.



Had a fantastic experience playing vr here. Loved the games and the staff were really kind too. Definitely coming back here on my next visit to Westfields.

Morris Sibley

Wow, £35 to£45 dino works or zombie apocalypse. A VR maze so fun for kids and adults. Lovely people work here and I feel the love and was made so welcome.

Jacina Coyne

My daughter and her friends went to the VR experience today. They absolutely loved it!! It was great fun and they could not stop talking about it all day! Fabulous and fun

noorin crossley

Great day out. The experience itself was amazing. Virtual reality mixed with special effects in the form of physical vibrations & wind like features.

Oc Opute

It was a fantastic experience, the kids loved it, and the staff were very friendly especially Tomas and Daniel. very safe environment, we left the kids with Tomas as they were playing and we came back and kids were very happy. thank you very much Tomas, we recommend everyone to come over and have a great time.

Dr. Eng Omar Al Hussaini

Me and my son do the "Last Stand" really fun experience as both of us were comparing stats, 25 minutes just flew. My only observation is that I felt it's a little bit on the pricey side, at £45pp for just 25 minutes. Definitely would have gone 2 or 3 times easily if it was a bit cheaper. But other than that, we really enjoyed it. Will definitely come back.

Lorcan McDonald

Amazing! Super fun my daughter and I loved it! Take out some zombies!

Pasha Hayat

An amazing experience, well worth doing. The way the VR world was integrated into the real one was done very well, walls and railings in VR are 'real', for example. I have to drop a star, due to minor tracking issues, and glitches during when I guess it is loading the next area. This should absolutely NOT put anyone off from doing it, however. My family all enjoyed it and will be going back!

Mark S

Took my son and his friends for 9th birthday party. They all loved it. The guys running it where great and really good with the kids. It’s quite expensive but my son and friends absolutely loved . The smiles (plus screaming) makes it good value.

Andrew Britton

Really fun spontaneous experience with my husband, excellent experience. Not your usual glasses and room. You get to experience touches and movements too which really amplify the experience. 10/10 Thank you

nagen safie

Amazing, the zombies are just fantastic. Crew is nice also!

SNN Management

Great zombie game

Kulwinder Johal

Incredible gaming experience Tyler did a wonderful job in catering to our needs and created a pleasurable environment that made us really feel that the event was worth our money The whole gaming experience as a whole was very good. One notation would perhaps to upgrade lens quality to headset.

Gareth Steyn

Great experience but short time

SK 2007

Unexpected amazing visit while shopping with friends. Very helpful staff, great value for money compared to other VR experiences. The free roaming is nothing like I have experience before and graphics were amazing. A must do when in Westfield next.

Andrew cantelo

Great experience. Staff were friendly and welcoming. The experience itself was better than expected. I honestly thought it would just be a room and that’s all however it’s structured with walls and features to make the experience really immersive. Had tons of fun with my girlfriend and definitely made some memories. Would recommend to everyone. The game itself can be a little confusing at first but it’s simple once you get the hang of it. The staff even gave us some water after the experience which was a nice gesture. Considering it’s £32.95 per person, this was a better experience than someth...

Isaak Gezer

Very good customer service and great rides!!

Xx._ Nate

It's a very very great experience everyone should try it at least once🤙🔥

akhilesh Vutukuru

I would definitely give DIVR LABS in Westfield , London a 5 STAR review. Not only was the experience great but the customer service. My family and I were welcomed by Anisa and Said who were great, very polite, friendly, and accommodating. I recommend

Imaan Bakshi

Absolutely brilliant experience. Sweeping panoramics, vibrations, heat from the lava, and a multitude of other effects made this all too real. Highly recommended.

MB Olden

Hosted my daughter's 8th birthday party at Divr Labs London. We rented entire venue out for the party. Tomáš and his staff were incredible!! Well organized, attentive and knowledgeable staff helped all the children with setup and instructions. Kids were absolutely thrilled with the two VR experiences. Would definitely recommend for a unique and action-packed party. We will be back again. Many thanks to Tomáš at Divr Labs London.

Tarab Kamal

It was a fun and realistic experience - had loads of fun playing with friends 👍

Xujing Yang

Contact Us to Buy a Franchise

Ondřej Bach

Executive Producer

Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 1554/6

130 00 Praha

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